Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All About Love

Better late then never is our Valentine's Day Celebration!!
Of course Jake enjoyed his annual pink bubble bath. I really want it to be red, but I just can't get enough in the water to make it red so it always turns out pink. Because Valentine's Day was a on Sunday and we have church Jake had his bubble bath the night before. Of course he had lots of fun and kept saying "mommy, wanner(water) pink." This is the 1st year that he realized the water was any different.

The next day was Valentine's Day and of course Jake opened his present a picnic play-doh bucket and enjoyed heart shaped waffles one with strawberry sauce and one with syrup. We had been enjoying tons of heart shaped food all during the week so he was excited his waffles were heart shaped too. The following week when I didn't give him a heart shaped sandwich he asked me to make it a heart.

The rest of the day was pretty low key with a great church service and hanging out together. Jason & I were able to enjoy a nice lunch out the following day without Jake.

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