Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back Seat Driver

At 2 years old Jake is a total backseat driver!

It started with while we were at a traffic light I would ask him what color the light was and tell him to tell me when the light turned green.

Then while riding in the car with his cousin he picked up saying "turn right", "turn left," & go straight."

So now as we are driving down the street he tells me when he thinks I should turn or go straight or stop. Usually the way he tells me to go is not the way we are going so I say "no this time we are turning right." Or whatever it is that is the direction we need to head in. He is usually fine and will go about telling me what to do.

The other day we were stopped at a 4-way stop that had a flashing red light above the stop sign. I of course stop and then proceed to go. As I am going through the 4-way stop Jake says to me "mommy, did you see that light red?" In a tone that made it seem he thought I was running a red light instead of waiting for the light to turn green.

After getting myself together from cracking up laughing I tried to explain as best I could to a 2 year old that not all red lights are stop lights and at that kind of flashing red light I just have to stop and wait my turn to go through even when the light is still read.

He is so much fun!!! Even if he is my back seat driver. I am sure his daddy will tell you that he gets it all from me ;)

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