Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too Long...

So it has been a while since I have posted anything. I guess I haven't really had a ton of pictures to share or some fun activity just daily life....which is still a lot of fun....but not much to write about!

I supppose you all would really love a Jake update so where to begin....

He is wearing underwear most of the time at home now! Still hasn't figured out the pooping in the potty thing, but is pretty good at going pee. I do have to take him, and every once in a while he will say he has to go. He really turned the corner when we got him his own potty for in the bathroom. I was totally against these (talk about eating my words) I just "thought" they were so gross. Of course as mentioned before still haven't had to "really" clean it, but for now it really hasn't been too bad. We started with the seat that sits on top of the grown up toilet & a couple of times he would go, but didn't seem to like it. So I bit the bullet and got him his own potty. And the 1st day he loved it!! He is wearing pull-ups when we go places mostly for my benefit. I just don't think I am ready for the yucky public bathroom. When they are still little they touch too much stuff and have to hold onto the toilet...umm...DISGUSTING!!! So how did you handle using the bathroom in public with your potty trainer? I would love to hear.

Going to bed in his toddler bed is going so much more smoothly. When he 1st goes to bed he doesn't get out at all. ( I am sure I should be knocking on wood or something after saying that) He is having a hard time staying in his bed. I think every night this week he has come out of his room and into ours. I don't want to start the sleeping in our room thing so I get up and take him back to his bed. Usually this works...some nights are an exception & he is out of his room several times from 2am-6am. But he is definitely making progress in his bed.

It is so much fun to see how grown up he is now! Ohh...there is still plenty of sadness about him growing into a little boy. But watching him learn & play is way more fun then the sad part. He talks non-stop and sure can pull out the attitude. And he has no probably throwing a tantrum. He ever so gently lays him self on the floor face crying or anything just laying there pouting and checking every few seconds to see if you are paying attention. His current favorite phrase is "no way." Usually it is funny & cute, but sometimes he actually uses it when I am being serious and asking him to do something. I suppose because we have laughed before at him saying this he thinks it is funny to say it all the time.

A couple of weeks ago we had a fairly nice week weather wise and were able to spend some afternoons outside playing. We are so TIRED of this cold rainy weather we have been having. It really feels like we have had nonstop rain since September. I am really ready for summer. We can just skip over spring (it seems to rain a lot then too) and go straight to 90 degrees and sunny...ahh...I can't wait to be in the pool. But for now we will continue to sneak outside when we can. Play with play-do, cars, crayons, books, & whatever else we can get into on days when we can't go outside. And love the days when we have play dates at the indoor mall play ground, visits to the children's museum, spending time with new friends while I am in Bible study...and starting next week we will back into our Tuesday morning music class!

Hope you all are enjoying your winter...or at least trying too! Our trusty General Lee the groundhog didn't see his shadow this is hoping that Spring is right around the corner!!

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