Friday, January 29, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

My nephew (my step-brother's wife's son just to clarify for those who thought I only had 4 nephew's) turned 2 this month and had a party at Chuck E Cheese. How fun it is for Jake & Caleb to add another 2 year old boy to their family. This was Jake's 1st trip to Chuck E. Cheese and sad for him we won't be making too many trips back. The place was CRAZY!!! But we had fun celebrating Ashton's birthday with him and of course Jake loved playing. He was actually pretty good at a couple of the games. Push the button so the ball flies into the frogs mouth and push the button to punch the duck as it passes through.

Here are a few pictures of our adventurous day at the wonderful place of Chuck E. Cheese. Happy Birthday Ashton...we are so glad we could celebrate the day with you!!

Caleb, Ashton (b-day boy) & Jake
Riding the kid roller coaster

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