Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We hardly EVER get snow in this part of Georgia! If we do it is yucky super wet, muddy, icy, no fun snow. But yesterday we had real fluffy, sparkly, fun snow!!! Of course it is all pretty much gone now.

We had 2 days of fun to play in it and Jake loved it!!! At first he didn't like that the snow was getting on his boots, but he quickly got over that. He didn't want to come in and each time we went out after about an hour I would have to bribe him to come in by offering hot chocolate. Usually this worked, but most of the time I got "no, mommy my play in snow." He loved making snow balls and throwing them and running through the snow...I am sure that was a work out for him since the snow was up to his shins, but he LOVED every minute of being out side.

When the snow first started to fall yesterday he had just gone down for his nap and when he woke up our entire yard was covered in a couple of inches. When he looked out the window his first words to me were, " mommy, where the grass go?" I thought that was pretty funny! Amari (our dog) wanted nothing to do with the snow yesterday and would hardly even go out for a potty break, but today was a different story and her & Jake were out in the yard running around. Jake loved throwing the tennis ball for her and watching her dig around in the snow to find it.

I especially loved that my sweet boy, although, all about the snow found a sand bucket in his outdoor toys and while filling it with snow said "bye, mommy, my go to the beach." Umm that is what I am talking about. The snow is beautiful, but really I would much prefer the beach any day over freezing snow!

So here are some pictures of our Snow day(s)! I can't remember the last time we had a snow like this...I know this was Jake's 1st!!! And hopefully last for this year...I am so ready for sun and hot weather. Not to mention that most of Jake's winter clothes are getting to small and really I am not going out and buying any new winter clothes this late in the season. Besides I probably couldn't find any winter clothes this time of year even if I wanted to.

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  1. Wow, that sure is a lot of snow! Well, for you guys at least...that's considered a dusting out here :-)
    How cute Jake looks in all his winter clothes. And that he wants to fill his bucket up with snow. What would he do with a sled!!! So much fun and GREAT pictures, thanks so much for the post!