Monday, August 10, 2009

To compare

You may remember this picture from last year.

Caleb (12 months) Jake (9 months) Tyler(3) Austin (6)

We took another this week. And WOW how all 4 boys have grown. I can't believe how tiny my sweet boy was in this picture a year ago. Last year the picture just happened with all 4 boys staring out the doors, but this year we set it up...still just as cute. The only difference this time is we switched Caleb & Jake's position so it goes youngest to oldest.

Jake (21 months) Caleb (2) Tyler (4) Austin (7)


  1. Wow, it's amazing to compare them to the panes of glass on the doors to see how much they've actually grown! You should do this every year! Maybe have them turn around too so we can see their precious faces.

  2. Such a sweet photo! I agree with the commenter above. It would be fun to continue taking this picture every year. By the way, I stopped by from the "Read with Girlfriends" blog.

  3. Hi, sweety, just wanted to tell you that we posted your interview today! Thank you for sending it to us, now we have to go get some others to do it for us! :)