Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beach Bums

Ahh...the sand, the water, smell of salt, & the ocean breeze could there really be anything better then that. The ocean is such an amazing creation it really makes me take a step back in wonder & the miraculous things God has created for us. The only thing better then these natural things of the beach is the sound of our sweet boy laughing, splashing, & having the time of his life. Jake truly loved being at the beach. He kept calling it the pool and then when we would say it is the beach he would start calling it the "wawa"(water). Either way he loved playing in the sand and water. I thought for sure he would be at least a little scared of the water, but not at all. He wanted to be in the water as much as he wanted to play in the sand. He did think the water tasted yucky so he wasn't to fond of it splashing in his face, but after rubbing his tongue he was back splashing in the water. Enjoy these pictures of a day at the beach.
Sweet toes through the clear water

Wiping his tongue after water splashed his face
Running through the water with Daddy
Jumping the waves with Daddy

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  1. His green suit is awesome. Don't you just love those UV-protectant "skinz"? :)

    P.S. Your post made me want to go to the beach. We haven't been in a long, long time.