Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Half Birthday...

Dear Precious Silly Lily,
You are 6 months old today...I can't believe you have been with us half a year. And in just that much more time you will be a year old.

To say you are a smiley girl would be an understatement. You are forever smiling and it lights up your whole face. Which of course melts my heart and makes my whole day every time you smile. You love when people talk to you and usually smile behind your paci at them.

You have started eating baby food this month. And you love it. Between each bite you get super excited and can't wait for it to get to your mouth. I haven't found anything that you don't really like. You act like you are ready to eat solid food too. Any time someone is eating you want some of it. And we usually don't hesitate to give you a tiny piece to try.

You have mastered the army crawl and are all over the house. Some times you roll from place to place, but when you see something you want(usually something you shouldn't have) you instantly get to army crawling.

You also started reaching for me...I couldn't love it more. When I walk by you instantly put your arms out to me.

Looking forward to watching you continue to grow and explore!!
 Jake getting ready to help Lily open her half birthday present
 What is inside?
 Look a new toy
And a pretty new dress

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