Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yummy in her tummy

Over the last week Lily has really seemed ready to eat food. Along with putting everything in her mouth when we are eating she opens her mouth too. So tonight I decided it was time to start feeding her food. I go back and forth and I know there is a lot of discussion about what food to start with. I decided to start with rice cereal to get her used to eating off a spoon. Well, we will be moving to food very soon. She acted like she had been eating for weeks. As soon as the spoon was near her mouth she had it open and ready. She did make a few faces, but probably just getting used to the texture and taste. After a few bites she was grabbing the spoon and helping to put it in her mouth. I couldn't get the food in fast enough. She was too cute eating and I am excited to start making baby food and letting her try other foods too.

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