Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sports Camp

I sent my little boy off to camp. Well, not really...last week he attended sports camp. It was every day from 8:30-12:30. This was the 1st time he had been somewhere that I dropped him off with people he didn't really know. Two of the coaches he had were the same from the sports class he had been doing once a week. Game Time Sports has been one of our favorite weekly activities. It is great for Jake to be able to learn about several different sports before we put him in a team sport. Getting started with a team sport early a lot of times leads to kids being burnt out at a young age. When Jake finds a sport he really wants to do I am hoping he will continue through college. By doing Game Time sports he will have an advantage when he does pick a team sport...having already learned the basics of that sport.

 Monday was a little sad for me. Of course my little boy was totally ready. When I was getting ready to leave I had to look for him to say bye. He was already out on the field kicking the soccer ball around. Come Tuesday he asked if he could just tell me bye in the parking lot and give me a hug & a kiss there. Really??? He is only 4(well, if you ask him he is 4 1/2). I had no idea it would start so early. The rest of the week went great. He did let me walk him in and kiss him & was excited to see me...even in front of his new friends. The sports camp was held in a big in door sports arena and they learned basic skills for soccer, golf, hockey, basketball, baseball, & tennis. Then it was filled in with other fun sports activities like running, tug of war, and tons more.

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