Monday, April 30, 2012

4 1/2

My Dear 4 1/2 year old Boy!!
I can't believe you are half way to 5. You will soon be a whole hand old. You are beyond excited to be 4 1/2...just like Caleb now. It is always about being like your cousin & you were so excited when you woke up today and could finally add the 1/2 to your age. I suppose at 4 it is a big deal to be that extra half. All day today you would talk in a sing-song voice that it was your 4 1/2 birthday. Today was all about you sweet boy. We met daddy for lunch at your favorite place Panda Express. You love their orange chicken & fried rice and would eat there every day if we let you.

You have started to come out of your shell the older you are, but you still hold onto some shyness. You like to make sure someone you know is always in eye sight when we are out. You still won't talk to people freely, but that is fine with me.
 You have the biggest imagination and I love to listen to you play. You make up the funnest conversations with your toys. You have a big love for stuffed animals(despite mommy not being a big stuffed animal fan). You have a couple that you are very attached to right now...Po, a panda & Pudding a smaller Panda Po's baby sister.
You love just about every sport and will play just about any of them. You have a weekly sports class that is perfect for you and covers baseball, hockey, golf, soccer, tennis, & basketball. During your class you get to learn a little about each sport. Of course your favorites are baseball and golf. But you have also started to be into hockey. Daddy is a big nascar fan & you have decided that number 11 Denny Hamlin is your favorite race car driver(even though Daddy has always been a Ryan Newman fan). We aren't sure how you picked Denny Hamlin, but you have stuck with him since last year.  Every race you are sure he is going to win.

You are such a fun & happy little boy. And I am so excited you are 4 1/2(even if that means you are growing up way too fast).

Our precious boy we love you so much. And love watching you grow.

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