Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 Months

Our Little Lily,
We can't believe you are 3 months old already!!! If only we could freeze time...I would bottle this time up. Your little personality is truly starting to shine. It looks like you will be our little chatter box & I love it. It doesn't matter who is talking, but if you can hear them you think they are talking to you. As soon as you hear a voice you start talking and smiling. It is so fun to hear your little sounds and your smile lights up any room.

Your brother is still head over heels for you & I can only pray that you two grow up being the best of friends. He loves that you are starting to interact and as soon as he hears you talking he is right there talking to you too.

Ready for the big news...your 2 bottom teeth came in last week. Yes, you are only 3 months old and you already have 2 teeth. The truth is when you were born your gums were really swollen at your bottom 2 teeth. The pediatrician we used in the hospital said you would have teeth within a week. He told us the teeth might not be healthy and probably would need to be pulled as soon as they came in. Our pediatrician didn't think that was the case and said even if you did get teeth there was no way to say if they would be a problem. Your swollen gums went down a lot over the last couple months. Then the week before last we noticed your gums were looking a little swollen again and we could see the tiny teeth. It was only a few days before your teeth were poking through the gums. So now my tiny little 3 month old you have your 2 bottom teeth. You were a teething champ & never acted like they bothered you. You definitely are more drooly now and are constantly sticking your tongue out.

You are sleeping longer stretches at night kind of. You usually go to sleep between 8 & 9 and then don't wake up again until around 2 or 3 in the morning. Then you are back to your 3 hour eating after that.

Little Lily we couldn't love you more.

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