Monday, April 30, 2012

4 1/2 Interview

For Jake's half birthday we did a birthday interview. He made sure to tell me we had to do it again at 5 to see if he said the same stuff. I simply asked the questions and wrote down the answers that he said.

Your Favorite Food: Panda Express(fried rice & orange chicken)
Favorite Sport: Baseball
My favorite tv show is: Doc McStuffins
The coolest person I know is: my Daddy
The thing I do most awesome: throwing frisbees
My favorite color is: red
When I grow up I want to be: just like Daddy & work at Dominos going to all the stores
My favorite song is: veggie tales
Favorite book: Curious George:Curious You, by Mawmaw & Papa Jack(a book they recorded for him)
3 words that describe me: happy, cool, & scared
When I was little I: slept all the time
Favorite season: winter-that's when it is cold right?
Favorite snack: pears
Food I dislike: nothing
My best friend: Caleb
Best Memory: touch-a-truck & date at chick-fil-a(both of which were over the weekend)

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