Monday, December 12, 2011

Paint...part 1

Finally in just a few days I will be posting pictures of Lily's finished room. But I decided instead of all one post I should do it in a couple. I guess I could have shared this post a month ago, but alas here is part 1 of getting Lily's room ready. (disclaimer:I know babies don't need elaborately decorated rooms, but I love doing it & wanted to decorate the room just for her).

Lily's room used to be our "office"...where the computer was. Along with the room that anything that didn't have a place went into that room. It was extra storage for us...and 9 times out of 10 was a HUGE disaster. Oh and we used to have a snake in the room too. Right after we found out Lily would be on her way Jason found someone to take the snake(thank goodness)!

So we cleaned out her room and then picked out a pink for the walls. Painting was the next step to getting it ready. Jake was so excited to be able to help paint the pink walls.
I had been searching the internet for girl room ideas and saw several rooms with trees. After we picked out her bedding I knew a tree would look great in Lily's room. Thank goodness for a wonderful high school friends who also happens to be an amazing artist(or really good at anything creative). I showed her a couple pictures of what I liked and away she went. Sketching a tree on the wall free hand and then painting it. Thank you Marisa...if you want something painted on your wall let me know & I will pass her along your way.

Just about the time the tree was finished we got the call that some of her furniture was in.

I love how curvy & girly her bed is!! And hopefully when she is a teenager her big dresser will make up for the fact that she has the room with a tiny closet. Jake's room has a closet that could almost count as a whole other bedroom.

Stay tuned part 2 the finished room will be up a little later this week.

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