Tuesday, December 6, 2011

O' Christmas Tree

This weekend we decorated our Christmas tree...I love our tree! It is us on a tree.

Sometimes I think I want a Martha Stewart theme tree. With beautiful matching balls & spiral ribbon wrapping through the tree. Everything else in the house would coordinate with our tree & everyone would comment on how beautiful it was. Because really isn't that the only purpose of a Martha Stewart tree...beauty?

As we decorated our tree this weekend our family of 3, with 4 year old helping hands putting all his ornaments in one spot together on the tree. Belly swollen, 8 months pregnant with our new baby girl. I knew that we would always have our Christmas tree. Full of memories & fun. Not everything perfect or in the "right" spot. This tree is us & just looking at each ornament brought back every memory from that year.

We have the little house..."New Home" 2002...which was also the same year Jason proposed to me. How special that we spent our first Christmas in our new house and he put a gourgeous ring on my finger and asked me to be his wife forever.

The other ornaments throughout the years that we started collecting together.

The 25 classic cars that cover our tree(for our 1st Christmas were really all we had on our tree). Jason's mom started buying him the Hallmark classic car collection when he was a little boy. And every year as soon as Christmas ornaments are out she gets him his new car for the year.

The one from Jake's 1st Christmas...to celebrate our tiny 2 month old little boy who changed our world the day he was born.

And then there are the others...Some my mom buys when she sees one I might like & some we buy when we see them at the store. And every year along with Jason's car my mother-in-law picks out an ornament for me & gets Jake a new ornament (or 2).

So when you come to my house and see our beautiful tree full of memories...I hope you will see the life that has been lived through the ornaments on our tree. The blessings we have experienced over the years are all displayed on that tree.

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