Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend

We had a great time celebrating Halloween a couple times over the weekend.  Caleb & Jake separately decided to both be Captain America. Of course they both looked adorable in their matching costumes (even both not wanting to wear their mask).
Saturday we enjoyed a fun trick or treat activity filled with candy, lots of learning, & fun games.

On Halloween all the kids came to our house to do the real thing. In typical Jake fashion he was sick most of the day. (he seems to always be sick at his birthday & Halloween). He had a cough & mostly wanted to lay around the house all day, saying his head or stomach hurt. Never running a fever. Even saying he didn't want to trick or treat. But I knew that once the other boys got to the house he would want to participate. And he did perk up a lot when everyone was here. Even eating a piece of pizza and running and playing. So off we headed to trick or treat in our neighborhood. Jake made if for a couple of streets before deciding he was ready to go back to the house. We still had to walk back, but he stood with me instead of running up to houses with the other boys. Even not feeling well he still was so excited about trick or treating and kept saying how much fun it was and he couldn't believe how much candy he was getting. Thankfully he woke up feeling better Tuesday morning & by Tuesday afternoon he was back to his usual rambunctious boy self.

Cousins...7 Grandsons...Wyatt(6weeks), Logan & Luke(15 months), Jake(4), Caleb(4), Tyler(6), Austin(9)

                                                                 Jake and all his candy

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