Sunday, May 3, 2009

18 Months...a year and a half

Can you believe a year and a half ago we welcomed our precious Jake into this world? A year and a half ago our hearts were forevered changed and filled with a new fullness only a Mommy & Daddy could know. How greatful we are for the blessing of these past 18 months and the wonderfulness of watching Jake grow and grow. His personality appear and all the fun things he does. I can't believe it has been this long!! I remember every detail of the day Jake was born like it was just yesterday and how much I miss his sweet tiny baby feet, but OH MY GOSH how fun he is now at his big boy age of a year and a half...18 MONTHS!!!

He seems so grown to me at his new age...not sure why or what makes it that way, but to me he just seems a lot more like a toddler and nothing close to a baby boy any more. Hmm...what is new in the life of sweet Jacob. He is ALL boy! He LOVES to be outside and begs, cries, pleads with me from the moment he wakes up to go "outsh." Usually shortly after breakfast he and I are off for a walk(him in the stroller) this is so I can walk fast and get excersise, but then as soon as we get back we are in the back yard playing until lunch time. Except on those days when it rains and then I try all day long to explain to Jake that we can't go outside because it is raining. One day we might brave the rain for some super cute pictures, but until that day comes I will keep telling him we can't go out in the rain.

With over 40 words in his vocabulary now it is getting easier to understand what he wants. I can't really remember any more if it is a new word or one he has been saying for a while. He is starting to form 2 word sentences, but they don't really come out like you can understand. If you ask him a question and he doesn't know he will say"na no-no" for "I don't know." I love it!! He is also doing the hand motions for itsy bitsy spider and baby bumblebee. And will say a few of the words in Baby Bumblebee...his favorite is when the song says "ouch, it stung me." He gets so excited and says "oush" really loud. I love how he does his spider with his fingers barely moving. He will sing "round, round" for wheels on the bus. I will try to get him doing it on video next time. Just know that I am not a singer and the only way he does it is if I am singing.

Oh...a little temper is starting to form too. What fun it is and sometimes it is so hard for me not to laugh. If he doesn't get his way he will throw himself on the floor(but soft enough that he doesn't get hurt) and then just lay there. He doesn't kick or scream just lay there. If I walk away and don't pay any attention he moves closer to where I am and does it all over again.

He and I have so much fun during the day playing and doing whatever else we have planned for the day. He gets so excited when he sees his daddy. And he has moved out of his seperation anxiety stage and no longer cries when I leave him at church or with anyone that he knows(of course we haven't ever left him with anyone he didn't know).

I guess that is all for the 18 month update. Of course here are 2 pictures from his usual monthly chair.

He loves the phone...I was trying to get him to sit still

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  1. Wow- I can't believe how fast it goes, and how much they can do in such little time. Ivy will be 8 months in just a few days. I can't believe it.

    Thank you for your beautiful comments, by the way. : )