Thursday, July 25, 2013

Half Birthday-18 months

Oh Prissy Lily, You are half way to 2 year! Where does the time go? You are as fun as can be, strong willed, and full of energy. You are constantly on the go and and want to be the life of everywhere we are. You take charge of the room and dazzle everyone with your beautiful blue eyes, sweet smile, and full of life personality. You have the prissiest little girl walk. Occasionally you will even put your hand on your hip while you are walking or cross your arms in front of you. You want everything to be your way and when it isn't going how you want or can't get what you want you will scream a loud high pitched girl scream(trying to get that under control). You talk so much and will repeat just about anything we say to you. You have started to put 2 words together sometimes. You still light up when Jake walks into a room and love to play with him. You love to be outside. If we are in the house you constantly are asking to go outside. You are starting to play a lot with your baby dolls and are so sweet to them. Putting them up to your shoulder and giving them kisses. And prissy you are definitely becoming. You like to have hairbows in your hair, you love to wear bracelets, love putting shoes on(and want to change shoes all throughout the day), and you are always putting a purse or bag on your arm and saying bye-bye. Having a girl is so much fun and you and Jake together light up my life. We love you so much sweet Lily girl!! And Happy half Birthday(you will be two before we know it)!

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