Friday, February 1, 2013

You are ONE!!!

My Dear Sweet Lily Kate,
Today you are one!! It is so hard to believe that you are already a year old.
You are truley the happiest baby ever. You are so smiley, giggly, & bubbly!! You love for people to talk to you & are always ready to dazzle with your extraodinary blue eyes and precious toothy grin.

You are always waving hi & bye and frequently follow it up by blowing kisses. You love to play patty cake & get so excited to get to the roll em up part. But you can't quite figure out the rolling your hands so you wave them wildly in the air. It is the cutest thing. We play peek-a-boo, but instead of covering your eyes you cover your are the cutest girl! You have started to play with your baby dolls and love to say "ba-ba-baby" and give your babies kisses.

You aren't walking yet, but are crusing all over the place. And have started walking with anything that will roll.

You are always trying to keep up with Jake and love when he gets home from school. Having him chase you around the house is one of your favorite games to play with him. But really you will do anything as long as you are doing it with him.

Besides playing with your brother food might be one of your most favorite things. You LOVE to eat and will eat just about anything. But fruits & veggies are by far your favorite foods to eat.

My life has been beyond blessed since you came into it. You saved mommy this year & I know that without you and your brother I would be lost! You are God's precious gift and He knew exactly what you would be for everyone this year! My sweet tiny girl God has big things in store for you and I am beyond blessed to see you grow and learn every day.

Happy 1st Birthday my precious Lily Kate!!

A few pictures from her actual birthday. We had a little party with Heather, Caleb & Wyatt.

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