Monday, October 29, 2012

9 Months Old

Well, I was supposed to get this up earlier...but finally a 9 month update on Miss Lily...

Lily is into everything these days. She still prefers to army crawl. She has started to get up on her hands & knees. But she just rocks back and forth and then usually does a little hop to get back to her army crawling. She is eating all most all table food these days. To say she loves to eat is an understatement...she definitely takes after her brother when it comes to eating. And as soon as she sees food she is opening her mouth asking for some. She has gotten pretty good at feeding herself too. She loves to play and loves it the most when her brother plays with her.

She had her 9 month check up and is doing great!! She weighs 17.5 pounds in the 23rd percentile and is 24.5 inches long in the 45th percentile. She is growing like a weed, but still our tiny little girl.

She is absolutely the happiest baby ever and little Miss Personality. She is so much fun and watching her grow is such a joy.

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