Thursday, January 29, 2009

From Website to Blog world most of you know we have had a website for Jake since we found out we were pregnant with him. It has been so much fun to keep the website up to date(not that I have been great at it lately), but I have decided to switch over to the world of blogging. I will still be updating with pictures and stories all about the life of Jake(I know that is who you all really want to know about), but we have expanded the blog to be a family blog about all of us. Which is great news for some of our family far away who want to know about the daily ins and outs of what is going on with all of us. Which is why I have chosen to name this blog Nunnally Family Fun instead of just something with Jake's name.
I hope you all will enjoy keeping up here in the blog world and won't be too sad to see the website go. I am sure as I learn more about this blog world I will be able to make it just as pretty and fun as the website was. The website is still up and running so if you want to check it out it is you can visit that for the next couple of months, but I won't be updating too much on there. My goal...remember I said to post weekly here on the blog with new and exciting things that are happening for the Nunnally family. I am sure that 98% of the time all the info will be about Jake...lets face it Jason & I aren't really changing too much on a weekly basis. And as I said before you all really just want to know the latest and greatest with Jake any way right?
Be sure you comment on blog post and pictures and you can choose to follow the blog as well. But just like the website you can just add our blog to your favorites and be right here reading all about our family.
So welcome and I hope you all continue to enjoy reading about all of us.