Friday, October 11, 2013


So, I first need to apologize to our families that check the blog for updates. Busy is not an excuse, but goodness finding the time to get on the actual computer!!

August 1st Jake started kindergarten. He had been in all day prek last year, but for some reason Kindergarten just seemed like such a big deal. He is in a big new school with all new people. And since our move he was going to a school where we really knew no one at all. Jake couldn't have been more excited to be starting kindergarten. He loves it...his teachers love him and he is doing great!! We walked Jake to his class and he never looked back. He was more then ready for this new adventure in his life. It helped that we had gone a couple days before for his open house. He was able to meet his teachers and find his seat. It didn't make it any easier for me that he was starting Kindergarten. But I was able to hold it together until I made it back to the car before the tears came. Driving away with him there was so sad. And I think this was the longest day ever...I just wanted to pick him up & here all about his day. And he was so excited to hear all about his day and his new friends he had made. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Half Birthday-18 months

Oh Prissy Lily, You are half way to 2 year! Where does the time go? You are as fun as can be, strong willed, and full of energy. You are constantly on the go and and want to be the life of everywhere we are. You take charge of the room and dazzle everyone with your beautiful blue eyes, sweet smile, and full of life personality. You have the prissiest little girl walk. Occasionally you will even put your hand on your hip while you are walking or cross your arms in front of you. You want everything to be your way and when it isn't going how you want or can't get what you want you will scream a loud high pitched girl scream(trying to get that under control). You talk so much and will repeat just about anything we say to you. You have started to put 2 words together sometimes. You still light up when Jake walks into a room and love to play with him. You love to be outside. If we are in the house you constantly are asking to go outside. You are starting to play a lot with your baby dolls and are so sweet to them. Putting them up to your shoulder and giving them kisses. And prissy you are definitely becoming. You like to have hairbows in your hair, you love to wear bracelets, love putting shoes on(and want to change shoes all throughout the day), and you are always putting a purse or bag on your arm and saying bye-bye. Having a girl is so much fun and you and Jake together light up my life. We love you so much sweet Lily girl!! And Happy half Birthday(you will be two before we know it)!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

17 Months

Sweet Little Lily, 
You have turned into a little girl almost over night. Last night you were still such a baby & now looking at you I see a little girl. You started walking at Easter and haven't stopped since. Your little newbie wobble is starting to go away and you are looking much more stable on your feet. You are climbing onto things now and think you are so big getting up on the couch all by yourself. You love climbing up there and sitting right next to Jake...which usually ends up with you rolling all over him because you think it is so much fun to wrestle around with him. 

You are talking up a storm. You are saying so many things...mommy,dada, pawpaw, nana, wawa(which is what Jake started calling Heather when he was a baby), WyWy for Wyatt, eat, please, thank you, more, bite, yes, no, JakeJake(when you 1st started talking we would tell you to say "mama" and because I had 2 names Jake thought he should be JakeJake and that stuck), trash, shoes, hairbow, brush, byebye, phone, hi, up, down, baby, dog, quack-quack, bath, outside & I am sure there are so many more. You will repeat a lot of 1 word things we ask you to say. And aside from what we can understand you have really started to jabber on and on. You walk around with the phone to your ear just a talking. And you love reading books. You will sit forever looking at books and jabbering on reading each page. 

You love taking baths. If you even hear the word bath you are running to the bathroom ready to get in. 

Jake is still one of your favorite people and you usually ask for him as soon as you wake up. If he gets up before you he can't wait to hear you start making noise. And as soon as he hears you he gets in your bed with you and guys play before you are ready to get out. 

You love to play outside & go to the door asking to go outside. You aren't too into being in the pool yet, but hopefully that will change soon. 

You are a super spirited little girl and know exactly what you want...all the time!!! And you aren't afraid to scream or tell us when things aren't going your way. And you are such a joy, lover of life, super smiley, and so much fun!!!

(not the usual in the chair picture, but you just look so grown up in this picture)


The beginning of June we had a great one night camping trip. This was the 1st time camping with kids. We used to camp every summer, but over the years that had stopped. Then it seemed like Jake was too little. This year was the perfect time to go. Jake loved every minute of it. Loved being outside all day...loved swimming in the lake, loved playing...did I say loved every minute of it!! Lily on the other hand was a little more difficult. She seemed to love it just as much and loved playing in the lake. But when it came time to sleep it was another story. She did not want to go to sleep and every time she seemed to be asleep she would wake up as soon as I tried to lay her down. Finally around midnight it was Pawpaw to the rescue and he was able to get her to sleep and stay asleep when he laid her down. There will definitely be more camping trips this summer. Jake can't stop talking about it.

 Jake out in the was hard getting pictures of him...this is where he stayed the whole time
 Wyatt...playing in the water
 Hi Mommy...walking down to the lake

All the boys fishing across the lake

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Goodbye PreK

Jake had his preK graduation this week. Prek was a big change for us...Jake went from being home every day with us to being in school 5 days a week all day. He adjusted great & loved it! Well, if you ask him it was only ok because having an hour long quiet time might have been the worst thing to ever happen to him. But now that the year is coming to an end he is sad to be saying goodbye to preK...even among the excitement to be home for the whole summer and starting Kindergarten in the fall.  The graduation was super cute and each class made graduation gowns out of white pillow cases. Each class sang songs and then they were presented with their graduation certificate. Although he spent an entire year in school I still don't know that I am ready for him to be going to big school & Kindergarten!!! I can't believe he is old enough for this already! 
 Walking into the graduation
 Holding Wednesday for his days of the week song
 Just received his certificate from his teacher Ms. Tara

Me & my big boy graduate!!

Trip to the zoo

 Looking at the sleeping Lion

 Would you believe out of at least 10 pictures this is the best of all 4 of them

Easter Morning